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Who We Are

LATTUDE is a boutique legal and business advisory firm that specializes in helping financial technology startups early and growth stage companies achieve their goals. Our primary focus is on Fintech companies in spheres of banking technologies, payment processing and money transfers (including cryptocurrencies), consumer lending and credit solutions, blockchain infrastructure, digital and digitized solutions and other technological interventions that disrupt legacy financial infrastructure. We expertly guide our clients from corporate formation to navigating the ever changing financial regulatory and compliance landscape and everything in between.

Virtual General Counsel

LATTUDE acts as a virtual general counsel, providing its legal and advisory services primarily through virtual media – since this is cost effective for our clients and we believe is how today’s fast moving businesses make the most of their time and resources. Working virtually with our clients allows them to “outsource” their in-house counsel function most efficiently, instead of incurring the fixed costs of hiring an internal counsel. As your virtual counsel, we can integrate closely with your company, and provide legal advice and strategic guidance focusing specifically on the unique needs of your growing company. Of course, where feasible, we also value in-person meetings.

Practice Areas

Corporate Formation and Governance

Formation and Internal Compliance

Commercial Matters

Vendor and Customer Relationships

Blockchain and Digital Assets

Infrastructure and Product Management


Derivatives trading structures

Clients Testimonial

Lattude’s founder Ksenia Sussman is a dedicated, tenacious legal professional with extensive knowledge of the financial and fintech industries. Experienced in solving legal issues for large corporations and startups alike, Lattude’s professionals possess the up-to-date knowledge to address today’s startup needs.

Paul Novak

It was a great pleasure to work with LATTUDE. The support for my case exceeded my expectations. I would definitely suggest this law firm to anybody.

Igor Starovoitov, Zipari

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