Practice Areas

Corporate Formation and Governance

  • Business formation advice and documentation and EIN applications.
  • Corporate governance and organization.
  • Internal policies, procedures, and regulatory compliance.
  • Private M&A: term sheets, letters of intent, warrants, simple agreements for future equity (SAFE), simple agreements for future tokens (SAFT), equity purchase and sale agreements.
  • Employment matters: employment, non-compete, and separation agreements.
  • IP and information security matters.
  • Commercial Leases.
  • General corporate issues.

Commercial Matters

  • Advise on commercial and contractual matters, including drafting, negotiation, and execution of a wide variety of agreements and help manage portfolio of vendor and partner relationships.
  • Advise on new product development at every stage, including regulatory implications, litigation risks, data privacy and financial laws, and more.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements and other similar service agreements.
  • Licensing and outsourcing agreements.
  • Non-disclosure agreements.
  • Non-compete and exclusivity agreements.

Blockchain and Digital Asset

  • Digital and digitized assets: product level expertise, evaluation and taxonomy.
  • Blockchain technology and application.
  • Trading and brokerage agreements relating to transactions in cryptocurrencies and digital assets, including derivatives.
  • Payment systems and infrastructure agreements.
  • NYDFS Bitlicense regulation, from approval process to compliance.
  • Policies and procedures related to digital assets business.


  • Derivatives trading structures (with primary focus on digital assets and commodities).
  • Trading and brokerage agreements (ISDA Master Agreement and any relevant Credit Support Annexes, Confirmations, Guaranties, Novations and Confidentiality Agreements, physical commodity trading ISDA Annexes, EEI Master Power Purchase & Sale Agreements, and NAESB/GasEDI Agreements).
  • Structured commodities index trading derivatives products, including index trading confirmations, index management rules, and commodities-specific pricing supplement elements of note issuances.
  • Compliance with Dodd-Frank and associated CFTC OTC derivatives regulation.